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    Autogard in Ahmedabad, Gujarat provides premium detailing services in the Ahmedabad area. Located at Corporate Road, Markaba, this detailer pushes the envelope with exemplary service to every customer. On offer is a complete lineup of Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film and Window Films. It is your best choice and a one-stop shop for all safety needs inside and outside your vehicle.

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    As new cars roll off production lines, manufacturers apply clear coats to add depth, shine, and protect paintwork from UV radiation and pollution.

    Sadly, over-buffing and polishing by some express dealership detailers can compromise the clear coat applied by the manufacturer. As a result, paintwork on cars that are a few years old can start to look dull and visually appealing. Specifically, by creating an additional, more robust layer of paint protection.

    • Ceramic coatings are carefully applied to the car bodywork by hand
    • As a transparent liquid polymer, it attaches directly to factory-applied paintwork
    • The ceramic coating lasts the lifetime of the vehicle with proper maintenance, adding paint protection and lasting shine.


    Choosing a premium coating can be quite difficult considering the number of options available in the market. If the coating you applied fails, the car will need paint repair to restore the paint’s normal finish. Prices also vary greatly. Many car owners without realizing it start taking interest in premium coating.
    The ceramic coating is permanent protection against chemical stains, UV and light scratches. However, this will not protect the paint from physical damage such as chipping of rocks. Ceramic coating can be applied at home or you can hire certified professionals. Hiring a certified professional is expensive and has serious reasons, but the main one is that professional coatings perform better and last longer. Choosing the right detailer is more important than choosing the right coating. Our detailing services represent the top brands offering multiple packages, which allows us to be free from subjective judgments such as: “Our brand XYZ is the best because of its unique formulation”.


    The ceramic coating forms a permanent, nano-ceramic, flexible glass shield, which outperforms existing car clear coats. However, unlike regular car clear coat, ceramic coating lasts for years and the life of the vehicle with proper maintenance.
    With ceramic coatings, no reapplication is necessary. Instead, once cured, the coatings provide paint protection from environmental pollution, abrasion, UV damage and oxidation.

    • Autogard provides a level of protection that is unmatched in the automotive industry to date.
    • Coatings retain paint’s luster and shine, even when vehicles are exposed to acid, rain or industrial pollutants.
    • Nano-ceramic technology repels stains and water, making cars easy to clean, many years after application.


    Call us today or book an appointment with us to find out which product is best for your vehicle.


    Haresh is awesome! Very quick to respond and they took the time to explain various services, options and pricing – after reviewing everything I went with full PPF on my new XUV500 and couldn’t be happier. Haresh was extremely detail oriented and completed the car in just five days.

    Ravi Shah

    Autoguard did a great job of getting a full car PPF and ceramic coating on my new Tata Harrier. Worth the wait while my Tata Harrier spent 5 days in their shop.
    I would recommend Autoguard and their team to people serious about their cars. Thanks again guys! You have a repeat customer.

    Vishal Patel

    Great job on the ceramic coating! These guys are seriously Ahmedabad based ceramic coating experts. Heard about them from a friend, and I’m really glad I decided to go with him. The owners explained the whole process to me and answered all of my questions (there were many), and kept me up to date on how the job was going. Loved their work, and I will be back with my other cars / will recommend them to friends.

    Rajesh Joshi